Meet Cliff

picture of cliff

Cliff is one of our clients. As a result of going through chemotherapy to beat cancer, he lost his teeth. He was not eligible for dental care through the Veterans Administration or any other state agency. Given his fixed income, Cliff was only able to save $10 a month towards a set of dentures that can range in price between $1,000 and $1,500 or more depending on the circumstances.

While Cliff was saving so he could afford dentures, he lost weight and his health deteriorated in other ways. Ayuda of Southern Arizona was able to get Cliff his dentures through the generosity of a local dentist who donated his services while Ayuda of Southern Arizona paid the actual cost for the dentures. Cliff now smiles again and has begun to gain weight. Because Cliff feels so good, he is passing it on by volunteering at other local organizations to help other Veterans.