Ayuda of Southern Arizona

Our Mission:

To Identify and fill gaps in social services for underserved populations for whom social services are not traditionally available.


Ayuda will create programs targeting the underserved populations of Arizona with specific needs through partnerships with other charitable organizations and professionals in the community. Ayuda will work to fill the gaps between the populations that are traditionally served by charitable organizations and those that are not. When Ayuda does not provide a certain type of charitable service, it will strive to be a resource to direct applicants to charitable organizations that are more able to fill the need.

Ayuda Smiles:

The working poor are one of many traditionally underserved populations. These people work full time, live pay check to pay check and with one unexpected home repair, car repair or health issue can be thrown into a financial tail spin such that they could lose their home or livelihood. Ayuda will review and approve applications for small grants to help in these situations on a case-by-case basis.

Ayuda Smiles for Veterans:

Ayuda has identified retired and disabled veterans as an underserved population when it comes to obtaining critical dental care. The Veterans Administration provides limited dental services and. there are very few, if any organizations, targeting this population to provide dental care. Ayuda has partnered with local non-profit organizations and dentists through Tucson Veterans Serving Veterans (TVSV) to obtain free dental services for veterans. Ayuda is currently working to form strategic partnerships with other organizations, including the American Legion, to fundraise for this program and to identify veterans that need these life changing services.